Session Chair Profile

Ph.D., Chief Genomics Officer, Broad Inst.

Stacey Gabriel is a human geneticist with a research interest in largescale genomics research. The organization that she leads operates as one of the largest sequencing centers in the world and continually explores, validates, optimizes, and implements new technologies, methods, and analysis tools to meet the needs of the scientific community. She has played a central role in the development of methods for generating and analyzing data using genomic technologies for both cancer and medical genetics studies. Her research on the haplotype structure of the human genome provided foundation for the Human HapMap Project. She directs the Broad Institutes execution in flagship largescale projects including the Human HapMap, the 1000 Genomes Project, The Cancer Genome Atlas, and the All of Us Research Program. During the covid19 pandemic Dr. Gabriel led the development and execution of a commercialscale diagnostic testing and viral surveillance activity.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2024 Silicon Valley

Track 4 - January 26 9.00 A.M.-3.00 P.M.

Track Chair: Stacey Gabriel, Broad Institute and Steve Turner, PacBio

  • New Frontiers in Genomic Analysis & Interpretation (PANEL)
    - Robert Sebra, ISMMS
  • From Potential to Reality: Bringing Nanopore Sequencing to Clinical Practice (PANEL)
    Chair: Emma Stanton, Oxford Nanopore Tech - Charles Chiu, UCSF
  • Population Sequencing at Scale: Impact and Future Path of Genomic Programs (PANEL)
    Chair: Stacey Gabriel, Broad Institute
    - Heidi Rehm, MGH
    - Cindy Lawley, Olink
    - John M. Gaziano, Million Veterans Program (MVP)
  • The Economic Perspective on Genomics (PANEL)
    Chair: Paul Spellman, UCLA
    - Walter Kowtoniuk, Third Rock Ventures
  • Building Bridges: Precision Medicine Communities
    - Kumar Prashant, Karkinos


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