Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Venue and Travel:


Where is the venue?

The conference will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center located at 5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054. See more information here.


Is lodging or travel included in the cost of the ticket?

No, but we do offer discounted rates for flight and hotel accommodations. See here for more information. 


What is the closest hotel to the venue?

The Hyatt is physically connected to the conference center. You can book at the PMWC discounted rate here.


Where is the nearest airport to the venue?

The closest airport (5 miles, 10 minutes) to the venue is the Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC). See here for discounted flights. 


Does PMWC offer discounted rates for hotels, airfare, etc?

Yes, PMWC offers discounted rates for flights (NEW this year) and hotels.

See links here:




Award Reception/RSVP:


When is the award reception and do I need to RSVP?

The award ceremony will take place the night before the first of the conference at 6pm. See details here. RSVP and separate registration required. Send inquiries by December 31st to [email protected]




Do you offer discounted tickets?

Yes, we have discounted ticket prices by the upcoming registration deadline. Register here. Additionally, there is a group discount that is automatically applied to orders of more than 1 ticket. Lastly, there are non-profit, government, academia, and student rates. 


Is food included in the cost of the ticket?

Meals are available for purchase at the conference. However, water and light refreshments during the breaks will be provided. 


Where do I see or manage my tickets and get a receipt?

Log in to your PMWC account at There, you will find buttons for “Tickets” and “Receipts”.


Can I share or switch Tickets at the conference?

No, a ticket is for one person only and has their name. Badge sharing would lead to revoking of pass, a charge for full ticket rate(s) or further action.


One-Day Passes / Exhibit Only Passes?

PMWC offers recordings and slides to attendees for the whole conference as such we only offer one ticket type, a full conference pass. If you need to miss some of the conference, then you can view the recordings, that is why we have them. Similarly, the exhibit hall is directly integrated with the Track stages and as such there are only full conference passes. If you have lost your job, reach out to PMWC and see what rate you would qualify for.


At the Conference:


Are talks going to be recorded?

Yes, Tracks 1-5 at PMWC Silicon Valley are recorded. Showcase Tracks 6 and 7 are slides only. Note, only speakers who consent to share their slides/videos will be shared. About 90% of speakers usually consent.


Am I allowed to switch between tracks in the middle of a session?

Yes, we only ask that you remain quiet and courteous to other attendees and speakers as you move throughout the conference.


Is there a networking platform available at the conference?

Yes. Go to from a mobile device the day before the conference starts and log in to your PMWC account. There you will be able to network with any other attendees or speakers. There are job title and industry filters to help you find others more easily. 

See emails from the PMWC team with the latest information on these features. 




What is your COVID-19 policy?

We ask that you remain masked at all times during the conference. Upon entry to the conference you will be asked to show proof of vaccination.

Will this conference go virtual or hybrid or be held in-person?

PMWC June 28-30, 2022 will be held in-person, following the in-person PMWC Pittsburgh Sep 23-24, 2021. We reference the following data which continues to build in the positive direction:

90-95% of Omicron is asymptomatic, up from 40%
80% less likely to be hospitalized than delta (from 20% to 2%)
With a decrease in hospitalization, it is focused on the group of unvaccinated high-risk folks (obese, elderly, preexisting heart and lung conditions, immunocompromised)
1 total death in the US (as of 12/28) with over 90% of new cases, while delta often killed 2000 daily (Omicron is pushing out delta as in S Africa, the UK, and likely here)
Pfizers Antivirals approved 12/22/21 90% effective -Dr. Fauci said it was a game changer
Vaccine+booster is highly effective and keeps away severe covid, and makes it even more likely to be asymptomatic
The County in which conference is held is 92% vaccinated (ages 12+) and counting -one of highest in the US
We require vax+mask and more if needed
We at 2000-2500 attendees are around 5% of venue capacity (huge venue)