Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Senior Bioinformatics Scientist II, AbbVie

Si started her career from applying mass spectrometry-based metabolomics on elucidation of disease mechanism and therapeutic effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at metabolic level. Then she expanded her interest and expertise to quantitative genetics including GWAS and linkage mapping, as well as integrating multi-omics by network analysis approaches in her PhD. During her postdoc training at Stanford University, Michael Snyder’s lab, she combined multi-omics profiling and integration with machine learning, allowing her to address many crucial questions in precision health and medicine mainly focusing on physical exercise, cancer, and preeclampsia. Now she is working as a senior bioinformatics scientist II at AbbVie Genomics Research Center (GRC) Computational Oncology, mainly focusing on applying various large-scale genomics data (WGS, WES, RNA-seq, proteomics, single-cell RNA-seq, CITE-seq, spatial transcriptomics, etc) to advance oncology drug target discovery.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2023 Silicon Valley

Track 4 - January 25 9.00 A.M.-4.45 P.M.

Track Chair: Cindy Lawley, Olink

  • How New Public-private Partnerships can Catalyze Transformative Health Breakthroughs
    Chair: Keith Yamamoto, UCSF
    - Douglas Friedman, Engineering Biology Research Consortium (EBRC)
  • Moving Sequencing into the Clinical Setting
    Chair: Charles Chiu, UCSF
    - Charlotte Hobbs, Rady Children’s Hospital
    - Euan Ashley, Stanford University
    - Sivan Bercovici, Karius
    - Heike Sichtig, Foundation Medicne
  • Evolving Sequencing Applications: Spatial Single-Cell Multi-Omics
    Chair: Joachim Schmid, NanoString
    - Speaker TBA, Miltenyi Biotec
  • How will Cheap Genome Sequencing Impact Genomic Medicine (PANEL)
    Chair: Euan Ashley, Stanford
    - Shawn Levy, Element Biosciences
    - David Bentley, Ilumina
    - Stacey Gabriel, Broad Inst.
  • Single-cell, Spatial, and in Situ Technologies
    Chair: Dina Finan, 10x Genomics
  • Combining WGS with a AI-based Tumor Enrichment Method
    Chair: Asaf Zviran, C2I
  • Multi-omics Approaches Supporting Clinical Translation
    Chair: Cindy Lawley, Olink
    - Si Wu, Stanford
    - Christopher Whelan, J&J
  • Molecular Diagnosis New standard with NGS for Neurological and Infectious Conditions
    Chair: Scott Rabuka, DNA Genotek
    - Forrest Wright, Quadrant Laboratories
    - Frank Middleton, SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • PMWC Showcase
    - Josh Lauer, Ultime
    - Olivier Lucas, Oxford Nanopore
    - Speaker TBA, Ardigen