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Ph.D., CEO, Biofluidica

Rolf Muller, PhDCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERRolf Muller is a biotechnology leader combining science and business knowledge to build and grow successful technology companies that further healthcare and the field of personalized medicine. He has structured and guided highly efficient multidisciplinary research and commercial teams through funding, to product development, and successful product launch into global markets.Prior to joining BioFluidica he was the Founder and President of Biomatrica, which he developed from an idea to be a global leader in biopreservation technologies for diagnostic and health care companies. Over the last 16 years he has been involved in analyzing markets and developing strategies to position biotechnologies to maximize value. He has interacted with most of the major pharma and biotechnology companies to obtain funded development contracts, joint projects, and partnerships. In addition to raising successfully capital from investors he also raised nondilutive capital from CDC, NCI, NIH, DARPA, InQTel and DOD.

Development of CellBased Noninvasive Prenatal Testing
BioFluidica is at the forefront of developing microfluidic methods for noninvasive prenatal testing, revolutionizing the detection of genetic abnormalities through maternal blood biomarkers. By enhancing fetal cell isolation and single cell sequencing techniques, it eliminates the need for risky procedures like amniocentesis, providing a more comfortable and safer option for expectant parents.


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