Speaker Profile

MD., PhD., Professor, Dep. Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, UCSF

Dr. Mukherjee is a board-certified clinical neuroradiologist whose research has centered on technical development and basic and clinical neuroscience applications of methods for mapping tissue microstructure, connectivity and function in the human brain. Twenty years ago, he led some of the initial work characterizing neonatal, infant and childhood brain development using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). Recent work includes the application of advanced diffusion MRI, resting state fMRI and MEG to study cerebral connectivity, including the whole-brain network known as the “connectome”, in human brain development, neurodevelopmental disorders and traumatic brain injury (TBI). He has special experience in standardizing structural MRI, dMRI, and fMRI pulse sequences and scan protocols for large-scale multi-site projects and managing the resulting Big Data using cutting-edge informatics platforms and machine learning analytics, which is essential for the clinical translation of new imaging technology.

AI in Human Brain Imaging

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2023 Silicon Valley

Track 4 - January 27 9.00 A.M.-3.00 P.M.

Track Chair: Sean Khozin, CancerLinQ

  • PMWC Award Ceremony:
    Pioneer Honoree: Daniela Ushizima, LBNL, UCSF, UCB & Lea Grinberg, UCSF
  • Pattern Recognition and Content Quantification in Early-stage Disease Diagnosis (PANEL)
    Chair: Daniela Ushizima, LBNL, UCSF, UCB
    - Lea Grinberg, UCSF
    - Suzanne Baker, LBL
  • Second Phase of AI Imaging is Clinical Validation
    - Sean Khozin, CancerLinQ
  • Large-Scale Spatial Omics Imaging Analysis To Decipher The Tumor Microenvironment
    - Joseph Lehar, Owkin
  • Latest Achievement in AI Imaging Technology in the area of Radiology and Pathology
    Chair: Lars Coster, Icometrix
    - Joachim H. Schmid, NanoString Technologies
    - Fedaa Najdawi, PathAI
    - Nurit Paz Yaacov, Imagene
    - Neil Weisenfeld, 10x
  • AI in Radiology & Pathology Applications (Clinical Research)
    Chair: Mirabela Rusu, Stanford
    - Saeed Hassanpour, Dartmouth
    - Jeanne Shen, Stanford
    - Pratik Mukherjee, UCSF
  • PMWC NCI Showcase
    - Omid Moghadam, Rapid
  • PMWC Showcase
    - Amanda Hanson, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System