Speaker Profile

Ph.D., CEO, EzBiome

Dr. Nur A Hasan is a molecular microbiologist with experiences in microbial genomics, microbiome, bioinformatics and molecular ecology. Dr. Hasan is an accomplished Executive with experience in strategic development of technology innovation in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and life science industries. In his multidisciplinary research experience, Dr. Hasan led numerous large-scale genomic, metagenomic and microbiome projects that resulted in multiple patents and over 100 peer-reviewed articles on microbiome, biomarker discovery, molecular ecology, and infectious diseases.


Microbial Profiling Showcase:

EzBiome is a microbiome company which applies precision microbiome discovery platform to shorten the time for discovery and development of microbiota-based therapeutics and companion diagnostics for microbiome-related diseases.

An Advanced Platform for Microbiome Biomarker Discovery
Empowering discovery of exciting new biology and microbiome biomarkers for companion diagnostics and therapeutics using precision taxonomy.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2023 Silicon Valley

Showcase Track S1 - January 25 4.00 P.M.-4.30 P.M.,Showcase Track S1 - January 27 9.00 A.M.-9.15 A.M.

The PMWC 2023 Microbial Profiling Showcase will provide a 15-minute time slot for selected companies in the Microbiome and Pathogen ID fields. The human microbiome is composed of a wide variety of microorganisms that are essential for maintaining human health and preventing disease. Research in this area is accelerating due to the rapid development in genome sequencing technologies. This showcase will present some of the leading companies in microbial profiling and pathogen identification.