Speaker Profile

Ph.D., CTO, Dxcover Ltd

Dr Baker is the inventor of the Dxcover Liquid Biopsy suite and is responsible for the technical and scientific strategy and direction of the company. He was awarded a prestigious fellowship straight after PhD to work at the Robert Koch Institute and Harvard Medical School. He followed this with periods at the Ministry of Defence and several academic institutions. He is a global leader in clinical spectroscopy who has been awarded Top 6 Best British Tech Pioneers (2020), Fellow of the Society of Applied Spectroscopy (2020), Top 40 under 40 analytical scientists (2018), RSC Harrison Meldola Memorial Prize (2017) and the Emerging Leader in Molecular Spectroscopy (2016) amongst others. He is committed to the translation of his inventions from the bench to the bedside for the benefit of patients and global health.

Clinical Dx Showcase:
Dxcover Ltd

A clinical stage medtech company whose aim is to be a world leader in liquid biopsy and artificial intelligence for early detection of cancers and other disease to improve survival and quality of life

Spectroscopic Liquid Biopsy for Multi-Cancer Early Detection
We present a rapid, low cost spectroscopic liquid biopsy platform capable of detecting cancer early