Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Founder, President and CSO, PreCyte

My career has focused on cell biology and the development and application of systems biology approaches to understand cellular mechanisms. In 2014, I began apply these skills to the challenging problem of blood-based diagnostics. Identification of blood biomarkers is challenging because of very weak signal to noise ratios. Using cultured cells as biosensors can overcome this problem by capitalizing on the natural ability of cells to detect and respond to weak signals in noisy environments. Over the past 8 years at PreCyte, I have lead the development of the indicator cell assay platform (iCAP), a novel diagnostic tool that uses cells as biosensors to detect and respond to disease indicators in blood. We use machine learning tools to identify cell responses that can robustly indicate early stage disease in the patients. We are initially applying the assay for early detection of lung cancer and Alzheimers disease.

Elevating Blood-based Diagnostics Using Cells as Biosensors
We are developing a novel tool for blood-based diagnostics called the indicator cell assay platform (iCAP). The assay uses cultured cells as biosensors that detect and respond to weak disease signals in patient blood samples and machine learning tools to find reliable disease indicators in the cell response.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2023 Silicon Valley

Track 3 - January 25 9.00 A.M.-4.15 P.M.

Track Chair: Hakan Sakul, Pfizer

  • PMWC Award Ceremony:
    Honoree: Todd Golub, Broad Institute
  • Fireside Chat: Precision Medicine: Past, Present and Future
    - Todd Golub, Broad Institute
    - Hakan Sakul, Pfizer
  • Challenges in Providing Global Access to Precision Health (PANEL)
    Chair: Mike Pellini, Section32
    - Peter Kuhn, USC
    - Steven Rosen,
    - Sarah Hersey, BMS
    - Ed Abrahams, PMC
  • Regulatory and Reimbursement Challenges for Precision Medicines (PANEL)
    Chair: Cynthia Bens, PMC
    - Robert Dumanois, ThermoFisher
    - Kaska Kowanetz, Pfizer
    - Sarah Hersey, BMS
    - Elaine Katrivanos, Tempus
    - Elizabeth Mansfield, Foundation Medicine
  • Early Cancer Detection 360 Degree View
    Chair: Christian Wolfrum, Siemens Healthineers
    - Christian Eusemann, Siemens Healthineers
  • Novel Clinical Trial Designs (PANEL)
    Chair: Razelle Kurzrock, Medical College of Wisconsin
    - Jim Palma, Target Cancer Foundation
    - Corrie Painter, TBA
  • Expanding Precision Medicine into Non-Traditional Settings
    - Ed Kim, City of Hope
  • Equity in Delivery of Precision Cancer Care through Community-Academic Partnerships
    - Manali Patel, Stanford
  • Challanges in Genomic Profiling of Pediatric Cancers
    - Andrew Kung, MSK
    - Christina Curtis, Stanford
  • PMWC NCI Showcase
    - Solomon Diamond, Lodestone
    - Jennifer Smith, PreCyte