Speaker Profile

M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Precision Medicine and Chairman, Technion and Carmel Medical Center

The Weissman Professor of Precision Medicine at the Technion; the Chairman of Department of Community Medicine and Epidemiology at Carmel Medical Center in Haifa, and Director of Clalit National Cancer Control Center and advisor of the Clalit Personalized Medicine Program; am an elected member of the National Israeli Academy of Scientific Medicine. I earned my M.D. degree from Ben-Gurion University, and Ph.D. degree from the SPH, UNC Chapel Hill. I am a public health expert and a molecular epidemiologist with particular interest in cancer predisposition and gene-environment interactions. With 370 publications, based on large-scale case-control studies with some 50,000 participants of colorectal, breast, lung, gynecological and pancreatic cancers. I am coordinating the national cancer screening programs and am studying unique cancer founder mutations patterns in a clinical service with 3500 carriers. I am currently concentrating on translational research on moving knowledge in molecular/precision medicine into service in primary care facilities.

Combined Utilization of Precision Medicine Technologies in Primary Clinics
A project is underway to study the implementation of advanced genomic, microbiomic, proteomic and sensor technologies in a primary care clinic in Israel, evaluating the response of the target population, of the clinic's medical team, the clinical effort involved and the bioinformatic interpretation of mega amounts of data per participant.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

  • Dismantling Barriers to Biomarker Testing Through Collaboration (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Omar Perez, AstraZeneca
    - Nikki Martin, LUNGevity
    - Laura J. van ’t Veer, UCSF
    - Jenn Higgins, Guardant Health
    - Dan Rhodes, Strata Oncology
  • Health Systems Perspective: Leveraging Real-world Evidence to Improve Patient Care (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Anna Berry, Syapse
    - Mary Walters, Aurora Health
    - Haythem Y Ali, Henry Ford Health System
  • Comprehensive Profiling: Combination of Tissue and Plasma Biomarker Strategies
    Session Chair: Maggie Rougier-Chapman, Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx)
    - Cynthia Pointer, Genapsys
    - Ravi Kolhe, Augusta University
    - Stephen Miller, Blueprint Medicines
  • Immuno-oncology Biomarkers for Predicting Drug Efficacy
    Session Chair: Ronnie Andrews, Oncocyte
    - Paul Billings, Biological Dynamics
    - Daniel Rhodes, Strata Oncology
  • Reimagining Oncology - Closing the Gaps between Science and Clinic (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Christian Wolfrum, Siemens Healthineers
    - Ben Gonzales, Biognosys AG
    - Debanti Sengupta, Varian
    - Rangarajan Sampath, Siemens Healthineers
    - Isma Benattia, Amgen
  • Challenges to Implementing Precision Medicine in the Community Setting (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Jerry Mitchell, Foundation Medicine
    - Erika Brown, One Cancer Place
    - Vivian Lee, Patient Advocate
    - Kashyap Patel, Community Oncology Alliance
    - Christopher Woods, Sutter Health
  • Combined Utilization of Precision Medicine Technologies in Primary Clinics
    - Gad Rennert, Carmel Medical Center
  • PMWC Showcase
    - Paul Dempsey, Hawkeye Bio, Inc.