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PHARMD, Associate Chief Consultant Clinical Pharmacy, VA, San Diego

Dr. Morreale has been entrusted with organizing, standardizing and expanding the scope of clinical pharmacy practice nationally since 2010. In recent years this has included the integration of pharmacogenomics into clinical practice for pharmacists in all practice settings. In 2018 he took on the added responsibility of overseeing national policy development and maintenance for the which also involves developing and implementing practice changes, policy, regulations and guidance. Prior to this national position he served as Chief and Associate Chief of Pharmacy for a large Healthcare System and its satellite facilities for nearly 20 year giving him a great deal of experiencing in running and managing a highly complex pharmacy organization. He is well versed in the legal, regulatory, and operational aspects and challenges facing such organizations.

PGx Practice Liability
Integration of pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing into clinical practice has accelerated, moving it from a novelty to a standard part of patient care. As PGx testing becomes a standard of care, failure to integrate it into patient care practice could lead to instances where care may not be optimized, raising potential malpractice issues.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2023 Silicon Valley

Track 1, January 27

Track Co-Chair:
Mary Relling, St. Jude

Pharmacists have long recognized that using unique patient characteristics to guide pharmacotherapy decision-making can improve drug response and mitigate drug-associated risks. Age, weight, and dietary habits were among the first patient-specific characteristics used to individualize pharmacotherapy. As technologies advanced, analytic tools that measure surrogate markers of liver and renal function, together with drug concentrations in biological fluids, were adopted to optimize therapeutic regimens. Cutting-edge genomic technologies are now being integrated into patient care for the selection of targeted therapies and identification of those at increased risk of poor pharmacotherapy outcomes. We’re excited to bring together experts who are advancing pharmacogenomics at scale through cutting edge clinical implementation, research, and education.

  • Fireside Chat
    PMWC 2023 Pioneer Honoree Dan Roden, Vanderbilt University Medical Center with Mary Relling, St. Jude
  • PMWC 2023 Honoree Keynote
    - Kelly E. Caudle, St. Jude
  • Laboratory Testing and Reports
    Chair: Kristy Crooks, University of Colorado
    - Ann M. Moyer, Mayo Clinic
    - Stuart Scott, Stanford University
  • From Economics to Reimbursement
    Chair: Sara Rogers, American Society of Pharmacovigilance
    - Stirling Bryan, The University of British Columbia
    - Ray Stultz, Optum
  • Policy Efforts to Address Barriers to PGx Adoption
    Chair: Kristine Ashcraft, Invitae
    - Pam Traxel, ACS CAN
  • PGx Practice Liability
    - Dan Hertz, University of Michigan
    - Anthony Morreale, VA, San Diego
    - Karen Merritt, Patient Advocate
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Pharmacogenomics Implementation
    - Carlos Bustamante, Galatea Bio
  • Implementation of PGx at UCSF
    - Bani Tamraz, UCSF