Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Pathology & Immunology, Baylor College of Medicine

Dr. Savidge's research interests include studying microbial-neuroimmune interactions in the gastrointestinal tract and nervous systems. This work has established new disease susceptibility biomarkers to Clostridium difficile infection and Fecal Microbiota Transplantation failure, as well as identifying new precision-based microbial therapy for recurrent C. difficile infection based on population-scale metagenomics and functional microbiome analysis.

Recurrent C. Difficile Infection In Adults And Children: Precision-Based Diagnosis And Aicrobiota Therapy
This talk will cover Dr. Savidge's research on predicting patient susceptibility to C. difficile infection and clinical fecal microbiota treatment failures. His lab is also utilizing population-scale omics data to rationally design new microbial therapy for recurrent C. difficile infection.