Speaker Profile

Ph.D., CEO, Arc Bio

Dr. Dickinson has been CEO of Arc Bio and Dovetail Genomics since 2014. He earned degrees in chemistry and theology from St. Olaf College, and a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at Tufts University under the direction of Professor David Walt. Dr. Dickinson helped start Illumina in 1998 based on ideas conceived from his doctoral research in the Walt lab. During his 12-year tenure, Dr. Dickinson helped establish the product development processes at Illumina and led several of the earliest project teams. As Director of Product Marketing at Illumina, his teams carried out over 60 product launches in a two-year period and achieved triple-digit growth across several product lines. In 2011 he joined BioNano Genomics to lead the commercialization of a novel nanochannel array platform.  During his tenure at BioNano, Dr. Dickinson served as Vice President of Product Development, and subsequently as Vice President of Global Commercial Operations, and led the company’s worldwide launch of its flagship product offering, the Irys™ system.

Making Metagenomics Mainstream
In recent years, metagenomics has emerged as a powerful tool in the research setting. But can it become a mainstream method for microbial profiling and diagnostics, moving beyond simple pathogen testing? Dr. Dickinson discusses both wet lab and bioinformatics challenges as well as innovative technical solutions required to bring about a deployed, sample-to-result metagenomics platform for all labs.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

Sequencing technologies are continuously improving, making it easier to obtain more in-depth molecular information than ever before. Emerging single-cell multi-omics sequencing technologies allow the capture of multiple modalities from a cell, including its epigenome, transcriptome, epitranscriptome, and proteome. This allows research into the heterogeneity of many biological mechanisms, and insights into complex molecular mechanisms that underpin disease.


  • 4th Generation Sequencing Technologies & Genome Mapping Systems
    - Barrett Bready, Nabsys
    - Alka Chaubey, Bionano Genomics
    - Eli Glezer, Singular Genomics
  • Long-Read Sequencing Technologies
    - Steve Turner, PacBio
  • Single Cell Genomics
    - Michael Schnall-Levin, 10x Genomics
  • Spatial Transcriptomics
    - Jason T. Gammack, Resolve Biosciences
  • Pathogen Identification
    Session Chair: Charles Chiu, UCSF
    - Philip Stevens, Noscendo
  • Metagenomics and Microbial Profiling
    - Amrie Grammer, Ampel BioSolutions
  • ML/AI for Diagnosis & Prognosis
    - Todd Dickinson, Arc Bio
  • Modern Technologies for Pathogen Identification + AI
    Session Chair: Sivan Bercovici, Karius Dx
  • Proteogenomics
    - Nigel Beard, Encodia
  • Advances Proteomics - Stratifying Cardiovascular Risk to Decrease Cost of Care
    Session Chair: Roy Smythe, SomaLogic
    - Adrian Lee, UPMC
    - Jamie Bauersmith, UPMC
  • Leveraging Immune System Diagnostics to Improve Disease Outcomes
    Session Chair: Kathy Kamath, Serimmune, Inc
    - Noah Nasser, Serimmune, Inc
    - Sasha Tabachnikova, Yale
  • Evolving Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics with Neuro Diagnostic Therapies (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Kevin Hrusovsky, Quanterix
    - Charlotte Teunissen, Amsterdam UMC
    - Henrik Zetterberg, University of Gothenburg
    - Nicholas Ashton, University of Gothenburg
  • PMWC Showcase (NCI)
    - Michael Cardone, Eutropics Pharmaceuticals
    - Robert Meltzer, Fluent BioSciences
    - Cynthia Taylor Lawley, Olink Proteomics
    - Brian McKelligon, Akoya Biosciences
    - Asim Siddiqui, Seer