Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Director of Bioinformatics, Intermountain Healthcare

Sharanya Raghunath is the Director of Bioinformatics at Intermountain Precision Genomics. She started working for Intermountain Healthcare in 2014 and has played a key role in developing the Precision Medicine program along with Dr. Lincoln Nadauld. Dr. Raghunath’s current work expands beyond oncology testing and includes a focus on applying precision medicine to germline testing. Dr. Raghunath’s expertise includes data analysis, pipeline development, systems integration, and clinical interpretation. Over the years she has built a robust team of bioinformaticists, software engineers and variant scientists.

Enabling Effective Transition From Clinical Research To Cancer Care
Every Cancer Patient Is “One in a Billion”. Despite all the great advancements in clinical research, transition from research to effective patient care is still a huge challenge, especially in oncology. A recent study by Intermountain Healthcare came to the conclusion that a patient’s survivability doubles and the cost of care each week is cut by over 20% when precision medicine-based treatment plan are implemented. This session will discuss how Intermountain is applying pragmatic applications for its Precision Health Initiative to accelerate research and enable point of care clinical decision making based on real-world evidence.