Speaker Profile

M.D., Global Head of Data Strategy, Janssen R&D/J&J

Dr. Khozin is an oncologist, physician-scientist, and research affiliate at MIT. He leads the global data strategy for Janssen R&D/J&J, focusing on digital health, real-world data, and advanced quantitative methods (including AI/ML). He joined the company from FDA’s Oncology Center of Excellence, where he led the Center’s bioinformatics initiatives. He was also the founder of Information Exchange and Data Transformation (INFORMED), FDA’s first data science and technology incubator for de-risking solutions through internal R&D and strategic partnerships for improving biomedical research and advancing public health priorities. Prior to his tenure in the federal government, Dr. Khozin was the cofounder of Hello Health, where he developed an integrated telemedicine, point-of-care data visualization, and analytical platform for optimizing patient care and clinical research. The company’s core technology offerings were first operationalized in a multidisciplinary network of clinics called SKMD that he founded and for which he served as the chief medical officer.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley

Overcoming data mining and visualization challenges is critical to the success of data science. Converting data to a visual framework such as data clustering allows trend recognition which in turn can help with decision making. This approach to insight generation linked with human experience will be very powerful for all aspects of data sciences.