Speaker Profile

EVP & GM Life Sciences, Clinithink

Sarah has over two decades of experience in the global life sciences industry, and has a wide range of operational, therapeutic and regulatory expertise, with a focus on collaborative working opportunities to enhance delivery and patient experience. Her diverse background in life sciences, in roles ranging from CRA, Global Program Manager, VP to COO in Pharmaceutical, CRO, Medical Device and Investigator Site companies, has made her a globally recognised leader in the industry. Sarah joined Clinithink in 2017 to bring technology, in particular, AI, to life science projects. Sarah has a particular interest in the opportunities and business changes that accompany disruptive technology, as well as the potential outcomes of delivering clinical trials and novel treatments to wider patient populations.

AI and Data Sciences Showcase:

Clinithink’s CLiX solution delivers exciting new depths of patient insight for life science and healthcare by using AI to extract the rich, unstructured data from electronic medical records.

The Real Paradigm Shift For Precision Medicine
Precision medicine’s future isn’t just built on innovative technology. It is also built on access to infinite data – a global network of shared information and expertise that will provide precise clinical insight for everyone.