Speaker Profile

Executive Director, Data Science, Aetna

Rajiv leads several technology integration projects within the Analytics & Behavior Change organization at CVS Health, including Aetna’s internal behavior change messaging platform, and Attain, an activity and health app developed in collaboration with Apple. Prior to joining CVS, Rajiv led the Data Science & Engineering organization at Fitbit and spearheaded the development of several machine learning-based initiatives. Rajiv has also worked in the areas of video-on-demand (Netflix, CBS Interactive) and bioinformatics (GE Healthcare).

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley

Data analytics are vital to the success for healthcare payers to reduce resources and cost, and improve beneficiary experience while providing better patient care. The majority of that data is unstructured and in many instances difficult to access and analyze. This session will discuss several interesting use cases, opportunities, and challenges that need to be overcome to deliver value to the healthcare payer community.