Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Q2 Solutions

Dr. Patrice Hugo is responsible for the medical affairs and scientific activities for the Central Laboratories, and Specialty Testing Centers of Excellence worldwide including the Expression Analysis Genomics, Vaccine, Biomarkers Translational Science and Innovation Laboratory and BioAnalytical/ADME laboratories. Prior to joining Q² Solutions, Dr. Hugo was Associate Vice President and Chief Clinical Trial Scientist at LabCorp/Covance Central Lab Division and Chief Scientific Officer at Clearstone Central Lab acquired by LabCorp. Previously, he worked at Caprion (now CellCarta) as Executive Vice President R&D, and Principal Investigator at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute with academic affiliation at McGill University and University of Montreal. Dr. Hugo obtained his Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine & Immunology at McGill University and held post-doctoral positions at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Australia, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA. He is author or co-author of over 75 scientific manuscripts and has over 25 years of biomarker experience.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

Track Chair:
Jane Grogan, Graphite Bio


  • Building Future Precision Care in Qatar
    Session Chair: Khalid Fakhro, Sidra Medicine
    - Barbro Friden, Sidra Medicine
    - Ziyad Hijazi, Sidra Medicine
    - Edison Liu, Jackson Labs
  • Advances in Gene & Cell Therapies
    Session Chair: Jane Grogan, Graphite Bio
    - Peter Nell, Mammoth
    - Laura Sepp-Lorenzino, Intellia Tx
    - Amy Simon, Beam Therapeutics
    - Eric Ostertag, Poseida Therapuetics
  • Translating CGT to the Clinic
    Session Chair: Nicole K. Paulk, UCSF
    - Matthew Porteus, Stanford
    - Eric Crombez, Ultragenyx Gene Therapy
    - Peter Francis, 4D Molecular Therapeutics
    - Erandi De Silva, Forge Biologics
    - Patrice Hugo, Q2 Solutions
  • Bioethics & Ethical Implications in Cell and Gene Therapies
    Session Chair: Ilana Yurkiewicz, Stanford University
  • Emerging Therapeutics Showcase
    - Yuri Fesko, Labcorp
  • Past, Present and Future of CRISPR Where will CRISPR Take Us and How is the Technology Evolving to Realize its Full Potential
    Session Chair: Janice Chen, Mammoth
    - Fyodor Urnov, UC Berkeley
    - Kiana Aran, Cardea Bio
    - Laura Sepp-Lorenzino, Intellia Tx
    - Josh Lehrer, Graphite Bio