Speaker Profile

M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Adaptive Biotechnologies

Lance Baldo is currently leading the medical strategy for Adaptive Biotechnologies, helping the company realize its bold aspirations for its immune-driven medicine platform. The team is focused on identifying the areas of medicine, both in diagnostics and therapeutics, where disruptive technology may advance outcomes, increase efficiency and/or improve the patient experience. Prior to joining Adaptive in May 2019, Lance served in various roles of ascending responsibility with the Roche Group and its affiliates, including most recently as Senior Vice President and Head of U.S. Medical Affairs of Genentech. Prior to joining the Roche Group in 2010, Lance served as Vice President, Global Medical Science and Affairs at The Medicines Company, a public biopharmaceuticals company.

Translating The Brilliance Of The Adaptive Immune System
The adaptive immune system is amazing and complex. It both detects and treats most diseases, including cancer, autoimmune disorders, and infectious diseases, in exactly the same way. Understanding, at the genetic level, exactly how it works represents one of the largest clinical applications of genomics and can potentially transform modern medicine.