Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Director, Informatics, Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy

The Parker Institute is a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating the development of immune-based cancer therapies. At the Parker Institute, Lacey leads a team focused on analyzing clinical and translational data to answer questions like “Which patients respond to therapy, and why?”. In particular, her team focuses on building world-class software to organize and analyze both clinical data and molecular data from over 15 translational assays. The Informatics team uses this software to gain insights that directly translate to improvements in Parker’s clinical and research programs. Lacey is an alum of MIT and Stanford, and has a broad background in numerous areas of biological and healthcare data analysis, including policy-informing analytics on claims data for payers and providers, building machine learning models to predict patient actions or drug responses, and gleaning insights from high dimensional imaging data for basic science research.

Building A Cancer Immunotherapy Data Science Platform
Research into personalizing Cancer Immunotherapy requires analyzing a multitude of data types, ranging from clinical, to sample, to multi-omic molecular measurements across a broad variety of assays. This talk will cover our work in building a unified data library and data science platform for collecting, organizing, and analyzing cancer immunotherapy data.