Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Sr. Director, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Kristina has been at Regeneron since 2017 and is building and leading a team that is responsible for delivery of companion diagnostics as well as leading biomarker operations. Throughout the course of her career, Kristina has gained valuable experience in various aspects of precision medicine and companion diagnostics from positions held at pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies as well as at institutions that provide outsourced laboratory work for the pharmaceutical industry. Her early career at Amgen focused on assay validation; first in a GMP environment and then applying sound validation principles across various technologies to build processes for fit-for-purpose biomarker assay validation and clinical sample analysis for clinical trial support. From there she has continued to support precision medicine but focused her career to become an expert in companion diagnostics and supporting successful patient selection strategies for eventual registration of both the drug and the diagnostic.