Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Founder and President, Gemini Group

Jane is a long-term cancer survivor and active advocate. While her advocacy is largely rooted in her own experiences, it is also informed by her professional experience which included many years in academia, not-for-profit R&D, corporate senior management and independent consulting. Much of Jane’s advocacy has focused on clinical trials--ensuring that the patient voice is considered in selection of research questions, design of trial protocols that are sensitive to patient issues, and encouraging innovation to increase the speed of developing new treatments. She is especially interested in innovative trial designs that can speed new treatments to patients who need the and serves on the Steering Committees and lead advocate on the I-SPY 2 and TAPUR trials, two groundbreaking trials. She has been an advocate member of NCI’s Breast Cancer Steering Committee and is currently on NCI’s Cancer Imaging Steering Committee and the Alliance Cooperative Group’s DSMB.

Impediments To Clinical Trials For Oncology Patients
While COVID has challenged participation in clinical trials for oncology patients, some modifications in how trials are conducted have made it easier for patients. This talk will focus on elements of decentralized and pragmatic trials identified by ASCO’s Road to Recovery Initiative toward the goal of sustaining these advantages.