Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Microbiome, Assembly Biosciences, Inc.

Dr. Papkoff has worked in both pharma & biotech for over 25 years and has broad scientific strategy, executive leadership and business experience. She has deep expertise in cell biology and molecular mechanisms of disease which she has applied to therapeutic and biomarker preclinical discovery & development in oncology, inflammation and autoimmunity. Prior to joining Assembly Biosciences, Dr. Papkoff was Senior Vice President Research at Evelo Biosciences where she led the preclinical scientific team to discover, validate and nominate microbial therapeutics for clinical development in oncology indications. Prior to Evelo Dr. Papkoff was a founding member of the J&J California Innovation Center where she served as Vice President of Immunology Scientific Innovation for the Janssen Immunology Therapeutic Area focused on inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Previously, she was CSO of CFD Therapeutics, a cancer-immunology focused antibody therapeutics company she co-founded, and held R&D leadership positions at diaDexus, Inc. and Aventis pharma.

Discovery & Development Live Microbial Therapeutic Consortia
Assembly Biosciences is engaged in discovery and development of oral live microbial biotherapeutic products that harness naturally evolved functions of gut commensal bacteria to deliver clinical benefit in a wide variety of therapeutic areas. Our rationally-selected microbial consortia target diseases modulated by gut microbe-mediated pharmacological and biological mechanisms with systemic effects.