Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Product Lead, Genomics, Google

Andrew leads product development for the genomics team in Google Health. The genomics team develops methods that improve real-world applications in clinical genomics, population-level sequencing, drug discovery, and the combination of genomic and clinical data. Prior to Google, Andrew was Chief Scientific Officer at DNAnexus, where he supported many of the first large-scale genomics projects, such as the CHARGE Consortium, Regeneron-Gesinger and Regeneron-UKBiobank cohorts, the 3000 Rice Genomes Project, PrecisionFDA, and the St. Jude Pediatric Cancer Cloud. Andrew holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from Stanford University and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Virginia.

DeepConsensus: Sequence Transformers for Sequence Correction
DeepConsensus improves accuracy for Pacific Biosciences sequencing output using a ML method called a transformer. This talk details how we optimized the training of the transformer for biological sequence data. By designing the model architecture with domain-specific insights in mind, we walk through how we achieve substantial improvements to accuracy and analysis speed.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

  • Hope or Hype? The Role of ML in Drug Discovery and Development (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Ansuman Satpathy, Stanford University
    - Marcel Hop, Genentech
    - Mark Jacobstein, Immunai
    - Stacie Calad-Thomson, BioSymetrics
    - Andrea deSouza, Eli Lilly and Company
  • Advancing Research and Drug Discovery with UK Biobank
    Session Chair: Asha Collins, DNAnexus
    - Lucy Burkitt-Gray, UK Biobank
    - Lisa McFerrin, AWS
  • Machine Learning for Novel Target Discovery: Unique Techniques Meet Unique Data
    Session Chair: Alex Morgan, Khosla Ventures
    - Lindsay Edwards, Relation Therapeutics
    - Kristen Fortney, BioAge
    - Quin Wills, Ochre Bio
    - Joseph Rodgers, Fountain Therapeutics
    - Calum MacRae, Atman Health
  • AI/ML in Clinical Trial Design, Patient Selection and Prediction of Outcomes (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Peter Lipsky, Ampel Bio
    - Nasim Eftekhari, City of Hope
    - Mika Newton, xCures, Inc.
    - William Oh, Sema4
  • Treating Genetics as Data: Computable, Structured Results for Precision Medicine
    - Peter DeVault, Epic
  • DeepConsensus: Sequence Transformers for Sequence Correction
    - Andrew Carroll, Google
  • AI in Small Molecule Design and Screening (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Petrina Kamya, Insilico Medicine
    - Jim Edwards, Janssen
    - Tommaso Mansi, Johnson & Johnson
    - Martin Emanuel Bittner, Arctoris
  • PMWC 2022 Showcase
    - Kevin Cho, Envisagenics, Inc.
    - Poojitha Ojamies, Novartis
    - Steve Harrison, Engine Biosciences