Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Professor and Director, Institute for Precision Medicine, University of Pittsburgh and UPMC

Dr. Adrian Lee has had a key role in shaping precision medicine research at the University of Pittsburgh and personalized care in the large UPMC integrated finance and delivery healthcare system. An example of the early progress in precision medicine is research and implementation of pharmacogenomics, and development of computational systems and architecture for sharing of clinical and genomic data. The goal of Dr. Lee’s laboratory is to translate basic cell and molecular research findings into the understanding and treatment of breast cancer. He is currently leading an effort to sequence metastatic breast cancers to identify vulnerabilities for novel precision therapies. Dr Lee has published over 160 peer reviewed research articles. In 2018 Dr. Lee was awarded the Terri L Chapman award from Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the PNC Elsie Hillman Distinguished Scholar award, and the University of Pittsburgh Biomedical Graduate Scholar Association (BGSA) Distinguished Mentor Award.