Speaker Profile

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Data Products & AI, Tempus

Abdul Hamid Halabi serves as the Senior Vice President & General Manager, Data Products and AI. Prior to Tempus, Abdul was the Global Head of Healthcare, AI and Robotics at NVIDIA. Abdul launched NVIDIA’s Health platform, Clara, to reach thousands of developers and deployment sites. He also grew NVIDIA’s healthcare industry presence to a healthy 9-figure and accelerating business. Abdul holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto, a Master’s in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Texas A&M-Commerce.

AI and Data Science Showcase:

Tempus is bringing the power of artificial intelligence to healthcare by building the world’s largest library of molecular and clinical data and a platform to make that data accessible and useful. We provide genomic sequencing services and analyze molecular and therapeutic data at scale to empower physicians and researchers to make real-time, data-driven decisions.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

The PMWC 2022 AI Company Showcase will provide a 15-minute time slot for selected AI companies to present their latest technologies to an audience of leading investors, potential clients, and partners. We will hear from companies building technologies that expedite the pre-clinical and clinical drug discovery and development process, accelerate patient diagnosis and treatment, or develop scalable systems framework to make AI and deep/machine learning a reality.