Speaker Profile

VP, Microbiome Platform, DayTwo

Aaron Del Duca is the VP, Microbiome Platform at DayTwo. In this capacity, he leads R&D efforts and alliance-management, leveraging the world’s largest metagenomics dataset linked to clinical parameters. He has spent 15+ years in the life science tools and technologies industry developing medical devices and services to democratize access to omics information at scale. For the past 7 years, he has held leadership roles in microbiome-focused businesses and has catalyzed triple-digit growth through product development and M&A. Aaron has had the privilege to contribute on teams recognized as Technology Pioneers by the World Economic Forum, and as Top 100 Global Innovators by Red Herring.

Glycemic Control & Diabetes Remission: Enabled Via Gut Microbiome Profiling
By better understanding patients, we can provide more personalized care. DayTwo is now profiling 50 clinical measures of patients, including gut-microbiome to help enable people with Type II diabetes attain glycemic control. Using Food-As-Medicine, we can now match nutrition and diet to an individuals gut-profile to help them balance blood sugar, and maintain a carb-friendly lifestyle.