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Ph.D., CEO, L7 Informatics, Inc.

Dr. Vasu Rangadass is dedicated to pioneering a new approach to Scientific Information Management that improves quality of life. L7 is a life + health sciences software company offering an innovative method to Scientific Information Management (“SIM”) to accelerate discoveries and drive higher quality healthcare. L7’s Enterprise Science Platform (“ESP”) is a foundational data platform for research, clinical trials, bio-process manufacturing and precision medicine treatment processes such as cell and gene therapies. By connecting to software systems, lab instrumentation, sequencing machines, process equipment ESP can automate complex processes while providing visibility, actionable insights and control over multi-department and multi-company workflows. L7 ESP is completely regulatory compliant with an audit trail and provenance graph for all processes conducted with the aid of the platform.

AI and Data Sciences Showcase: L7 Informatics, Inc.
L7 is a life + health sciences software company offering an innovative approach to Scientific Information Management (“SIM”).

Elevating The Health And Science Process To The Next Level
Precision medicine and new classes of treatments, including gene and cell therapies, require a new category of companion informatics platforms. This talk will discuss how to enable SIM from bench to bedside in life sciences and healthcare organizations with real-world case studies.

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