Speaker Profile

M.D., FACS, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Dr. Paulus is an academic vitreoretinal surgeon and clinician scientist that loves applying biomedical engineering, photonics, optics, lasers, biodesign, and nanoparticles to develop novel retinal imaging and laser treatment systems. He completed his undergraduate in chemistry and physics at Harvard University, medical school and ophthalmology residency at Stanford University Byers Eye Institute, and surgical and medical retina fellowship at Johns Hopkins University Wilmer Eye Institute. He directs an active, multidisciplinary laboratory dedicated to improving the vision of patients suffering from eye diseases by developing novel photoacoustic and molecular imaging of the retina for retinal and choroidal neovascularization to improve early disease diagnosis, improve treatment monitoring, and practice more individualized precision medicine tailored to each patient through molecular imaging. He has received several entrepreneurship awards and patents, published more than 80 peer-reviewed publications and 6 book chapters, and consulted for several medical device and start-up companies.

Molecular Imaging Of The Eye
This talk will explore retinal optical imaging technologies (optical coherence tomography, photoacoustic microscopy, and fluorescence) and their potential to improve early disease detection, more accurate diagnosis, and improved patient management through molecular imaging. Organic and metal nanoparticle molecular imaging results from human-relevant models of ischemia and angiogenesis will be presented.