Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Founder & CEO, icometrix

Wim Van Hecke is an academic engineer by training with two Master degrees in applied biomedical engineering and neuroimaging, and a PhD in advanced MRI artificial intelligence analysis. He is the author of more than 250 scientific publications, has an H-index of 44, and is the editor of a clinical neuroimaging handbook. Together with the icometrix team, he developed 8 FDA cleared and CE marked solutions in the field of neurology. He’s also a visiting professor at the free university of Brussels.

Time is brain - precision medicine in neurology
The societal and economic burden of chronic neurological conditions, such as Alzheimers disease and Multiple Sclerosis, is immense. However, current care pathways are variable and disease monitoring is qualitative and subjective. Hence, there is a huge need for digital health solutions and AI to enter the era of precision medicine in neurology.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2023 Silicon Valley

Track 4 - January 27 9.00 A.M.-3.00 P.M.

Track Chair: Sean Khozin, CancerLinQ

  • PMWC Award Ceremony:
    Pioneer Honoree: Daniela Ushizima, LBNL, UCSF, UCB & Lea Grinberg, UCSF
  • Pattern Recognition and Content Quantification in Early-stage Disease Diagnosis (PANEL)
    Chair: Daniela Ushizima, LBNL, UCSF, UCB
    - Lea Grinberg, UCSF
    - Suzanne Baker, LBL
  • Second Phase of AI Imaging is Clinical Validation
    - Sean Khozin, CancerLinQ
  • Large-Scale Spatial Omics Imaging Analysis To Decipher The Tumor Microenvironment
    - Joseph Lehar, Owkin
  • Latest Achievement in AI Imaging Technology in the area of Radiology and Pathology
    Chair: Wim Van Hecke, Icometrix
    - Joachim H. Schmid, NanoString Technologies
    - Fedaa Najdawi, PathAI
    - Nurit Paz Yaacov, Imagene
    - Neil Weisenfeld, 10x
  • AI in Radiology & Pathology Applications (Clinical Research)
    Chair: Mirabela Rusu, Stanford
    - Saeed Hassanpour, Dartmouth
    - Jeanne Shen, Stanford
    - Pratik Mukherjee, UCSF
  • PMWC NCI Showcase
    - Omid Moghadam, Rapid