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Ph.D., CEO/CSO, AcureX Therapeutics

Prior to AcureX, Bill ran research and development at Edison Pharmaceuticals where he and his team advanced three drugs into the clinic for ALS, Parkinson’s disease and orphan neurodegenerative diseases. Of note, EPI-589 is partnered with Sunovion/Sumitomo and is in phase 2b clinical trials for ALS and Parkinson’s disease. And Vatiquinone™ was acquired by PTC Therapeutics and is in pivotal approval trials for pediatric seizure and fatal pediatric neurodegenerative diseases. Earlier at Celera Genomics, Dr. Shrader invented, advanced and partnered with AbbVie, the tissue factor/factor VIIa inhibitor (PCI-27483) for pancreatic cancer. Dr Shrader holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and was on faculty at the California Institute of Technology as a NIH postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Shrader has authored 30 scientific publications and an inventor on 21 issued US patents.

Emerging Therapeutics Showcase:
AcureX Therapeutics

AcureX Therapeutics mission is to halt major neurodegenerative diseases driven by impaired mitophagy, starting with Parkinson’s disease and FTD-Tau.

Leveraging Miro1 to Halt Neurodegeneration
AcureX Therapeutics mission is to halt major neurodegenerative diseases driven by impaired mitophagy.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

Track Chair:
Vanessa Soros, Graphite Bio


  • Gene & Cell Therapies Overview
    - Janice Chen, Mammoth
  • Cutting Edge Technologies for Gene Engineering and Cell Therapy (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Vanessa Soros, Graphite Bio
    - Mark McKee, Intellia Tx
    - Amy Simon, Beam Therapeutics
    - Eric Ostertag, Poseida Therapuetics
  • Translating CGT to the Clinic (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Nicole K. Paulk, UCSF
    - Matthew Porteus, Stanford
    - Peter Francis, 4D Molecular Therapeutics
    - Erandi De Silva, Forge Biologics
    - Patrice Hugo, Q2 Solutions
    - Susanne Fors, Ultragenyx
  • PMWC Showcase
    - Yuri Fesko, Labcorp
    - Yan Zhang, Mission Bio
    - Anil Narasimha, Mekonos Inc.
    - Emily Anderson, Horizon, a PerkinElmer Company
    - Jesse Salk, Twinstrand
    - William Shrader, AcureX Therapeutics
  • Emerging Gene Therapies for Epidermolysis Bullosa
    - Peter Marinkovich, Stanford
  • Past, Present and Future of CRISPR Where will CRISPR Take Us and How is the Technology Evolving to Realize its Full Potential (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Janice Chen, Mammoth
    - Kiana Aran, Cardea Bio
    - Mark McKee, Intellia Tx
    - Josh Lehrer, Graphite Bio