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Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO, Convergent Genomics

Our future world will be one in which your unique biology (genome, cellular and organ function, health status and disease risk factors) can be measured with unprecedented resolution and translated into petabytes of data. Recent breakthroughs in measurement technology now permit the cost effective sequencing of human genomes, new understanding of the complex ecosystems of microbes that live within us, and new resolution on how our environment and life styles modulate our genomic and cellular health over time. The promise of biology's information revolution is a world in which the diverse causes of disease are better understood and prevented, nutrition and medicines are intelligently personalized to individuals unique biology, and currently lethal diseases (such as late stage cancers) are detected early when they can be treated effectively and cured. Maximizing this revolutions potential will require the development of new medical and research fields, new computational approaches and data management systems, new legal and ethical frameworks, and new ways for "crowds" or global communities of researchers to share and collaboratively untangle this unprecedented torrent of data. Within this backdrop, my work is dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients through the discovery of better treatments and methods of earlier detection. I use next generation sequencing and novel computational approaches to predict drug response and develop diagnostics for minimally invasive and early detection of cancer. My technical expertise is complemented by a scrappy, resourceful drive to build great companies from scratch - entrepreneurship - with the goal of translating laboratory discovery into viable clinical products for the benefit of cancer patients.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

  • UC Precision Medicine Programs: Achievements and Challenges
    Session Chair: India Hook-Barnard, EBRC
    - Keith Yamamoto, UCSF
    - Clara Lajonchere, UCLA
    - Frederick J Meyers, UC Davis Health
  • Fireside Chat with Conrad Vial, Sutter Health and Precision Medicine Practices
    - Conrad Vial, Sutter Health
    - Erika Vial-Monteverdi, RotaCare Clinics
  • Precision Approaches to Chronic Disease (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Jennifer Lovejoy, Seven.me
    - Noel Mueller, Johns Hopkins
    - Maureen K. O'Connor, ZealCare
    - Sunjya K. Schweig, California Center For Functional Medicine (CCFM)
  • DNA-based Weight Loss Interventions: What Have We Learned? (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Jennifer Lovejoy, Seven.me
    - George Bray, Pennington Biomedical Research Center
    - Christopher Gardner, Stanford
  • Advances in Digital Health, Diabetes and Obesity Management (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Mike Snyder, Stanford
    - Jessilyn Dunn, Duke University
    - Jonathan Long, Stanford
    - James Galagan, Boston University
  • Illumina Accelerator Innovation
    Session Chair: Amanda Cashin, Illumina Accelerator
    - Trevor Levin, Convergent Genomics
    - Rhidi Tariyal, NextGen Jane
    - Kareem Barghouti, VastBiome
  • PMWC Showcase
    - Jarret Glasscock, Cofactor Genomics
    - David Hanna, Thermo Fisher