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CEO, Rosalind

Tim Wesselman is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rosalind, a life sciences company revolutionizing the way we visualize, store and interpret multi-omic data in drug discovery, infectious disease research and translational medicine. He is a graduate of multiple programs in Finance, Accounting, Investor Relations and Strategic Marketing from Columbia University, Rice University and University of Michigan, as well as obtaining a B.S. Mechanical Engineering degree from Texas A&M University. Wesselman believes that software and data science innovation is the key to providing scientists more control over their own research, enabling them to unlock the deeper mysteries of biology.

AI and Data Sciences Showcase:
Rosalind, Inc

ROSALIND is the leading collaborative research platform for knowledge management and multi-omic data analysis. As a secure unified data hub for sequencing and multiplex technologies, ROSALIND combines deep interpretation and interactive visualization for spatial, single-cell, RNA, NanoString, and clinical data.

Making Data Human for Precision Medicine
Overcoming data complexity and resource limitations to accelerate R&D with state-of-the-art transcriptomics and epigenetics

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2023 Silicon Valley

Showcase Track S1 - January 25 9.00 A.M.-1.15 P.M.,Showcase Track S1 - January 26 11.30 A.M.-1.15 P.M.,Showcase Track S1 - January 27 11.00 A.M.-1.15 P.M.

The PMWC 2023 AI Company Showcase will provide a 15-minute time slot for selected AI companies to present their latest technologies to an audience of leading investors, potential clients, and partners. We will hear from companies building technologies that expedite the pre-clinical and clinical drug discovery and development process, accelerate patient diagnosis and treatment, or develop scalable systems framework to make AI and deep/machine learning a reality.