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Ph.D., Founder, CEO, BioAmp Diagnostics

Tara is a trained bioinorganic chemist with 15+ years of experience developing chemistry-powered solutions to address unmet needs in biology and medicine. Tara is one of the founders of BioAmp Diagnostics, a startup company focused on commercializing innovative surveillance tools and diagnostic tests designed to support appropriate and judicious use of antibiotics. The underlying technology that powers BioAmp’s products was conceived through a highly collaborative consortium on the University of California, Berkeley campus that brought together public health specialist, medical doctors, chemists, engineers, and microbiologists. As one of the inventors of the core technology that powers the diagnostic and surveillance tools BioAmp is developing, Tara led the early research and development activities at BioAmp and now leading efforts to translate their first stringently validated research assay into a first in class diagnostic test solution to inform care of one of the most common infections around the world – urinary tract infections


Illumina Accelerator Showcase:
BioAmp Diagnostics

BioAmp is a precision diagnostics company leveraging genomics and chemistry to develop unique diagnostic and surveillance tools to guide treatment of infectious diseases in clinic, at home, and around the world

Evolving Clinical Microbiology Beyond Growth-Based Diagnostics
Delivering diagnostic tests powered by chemistry that is shaped through the genomic fingerprints of pathogenic bacteria

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2023 Silicon Valley

Showcase Track S1 - January 26 3.30 P.M.-3.45 P.M.