Speaker Profile

Executive Director, Presence [A Stanford Medicine Center] & Program in Bedside Medicine, Stanford University

Sonoo Thadaney Israni Co-chairs the National Academy of Medicine’s AI in Healthcare Working Group + co-shepherds their Technology across the Lifecourse Group. Co-hosted conferences at Stanford University: Human & Artificial Intelligence for Diagnostics; AI in Medicine: Inclusion & Equity; AI in Healthcare: The Hope, The Hype, The Promise, The Peril (launching NAM publication, she co-led). She serves on the AAMC Restorative Justice for Academic Medicine Committee, teaching curricula to address diversity in healthcare. 25+ years in Silicon Valley, now a Stanford intrapreneur for 10+ years - launching centers and programs: MSc. in Community Health and Prevention Research, Stanford WSDM (Women and Sex Differences in Medicine) Center, Diversity-First Gen Office, Restorative Justice Pilot etc. Teaches coursework in Leveraging Conflict for Constructive Change, Leadership Skills and Mediation. She co-chairs the Commission on Juvenile Justice Delinquency and Prevention (San Mateo County).

Machine Learning in Healthcare: How It Can Serve Patients, fRamilies (Friends and Families) and The Clinical Team
Precision medicine requires granularity at the patient level and managing the unintended consequences of Healthcare AI means preventing another “Weapon of Math Destruction” and not further “Automating Inequality.” Prioritizing equity and inclusion in AI- healthcare is the proverbial ounce of prevention, rippling straight to the bottom line.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley

Track 2 - January 23 10.30 A.M.-10.45 A.M.

The value of data in healthcare is undeniable and realized when raw information is successfully converted into knowledge that changes clinical practice. To drive value improvements and ensure that the right patient receives the right care requires the right data in combination with the right data analytics. This session will cover various aspects and challenges of data science in hospitals and health systems that drive healthcare with better outcomes.