Session Chair Profile

Ph.D., Director, Research IT, Stanford Medicine

Somalee Datta is a computational physicist by training and a biotechnologist by profession. She believes that with the explosion of data in healthcare and with new methods to analyze such large amounts of data, we will see massive changes in how human diseases are addressed. She wants to be part of this revolution. At Stanford Medicine, her team is responsible for delivering technologies and solutions to harness vast amounts of biomedical information and accelerate precision health research. She has over two decades of experience building and running interdisciplinary R&D teams that focus on system engineering approaches to complex scientific and technological problems.

A Biomedical Data Science Ecosphere At Stanford Medicine
At Stanford Medicine, we envision a world in which we can prevent disease before it strikes and cure it decisively if it does. We believe that the ability to harness vast biomedical datasets will pave the way to understanding human health and make Precision Health a reality. This talk will present our scientist centric ecosphere that is built ground up to fast track large scale analysis using sensitive data in an ethical and secure manner.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley

Track 2 - January 23 1.00 P.M.-3.00 P.M.,Track 2 - January 24 10.45 A.M.-11.00 A.M.

Data science in combination with new tools help predict which patients will benefit most from health care interventions. Session contributors are representatives from medical organizations discussing various data science applications and their approaches to using data and predictive modeling to analyze and identify meaningful patterns that result in better patient outcomes.