Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Executive Director & CTO, Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute, UCSF

Sharat Israni previously was Executive Director, Data Science, at Stanford Medicine. A long-serving Technology executive, Sharat’s teams pioneered the use of “Big Data.” He served as VP of Data at Yahoo! (1999-2008) and Intuit (2010-13), which pioneered “Big” Data Science to re-invent their products. He led Digital Media systems for broadcast/interactive TV at Silicon Graphics; and Data teams at IBM and HP. Sharat has been PI for NSF, NIH and RCUK workshops on Data Science topics in Biomedicine, and is a peer-reviewer of some scientific journals.

A Next-Gen Research Computing Capability
With the advent of AI and full knowledge-based inquiry, biomedical and health researchers are seeing a chasm between their existing and needed computing capabilities. Bridging this chasm needs some paradigm shifts. We describe some key elements of UCSF’s next-gen capabilities, and illustrate their value in Imaging Sciences.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley

The value of data in healthcare is undeniable and realized when raw information is successfully converted into knowledge that changes clinical practice. To drive value improvements and ensure that the right patient receives the right care requires the right data in combination with the right data analytics. This session will cover various aspects and challenges of data science in hospitals and health systems that drive healthcare with better outcomes.