Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Co-Director of California's Precision Medicine Initiative, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research

Dr. Muir co-leads the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine. In this role, she works with the Precision Medicine Advisory Council and the Governor’s Office in the selection and management of grants for precision medicine demonstration projects. Her current portfolio consists of projects that aim to address health disparities in cancer prevention and treatment. Dr. Muir also manages strategic relationships with State entities and other stakeholders including community groups, academics, and private sector partners. She previously served as a Director of the Research Proposal Development Service at UC San Diego, as well as a Senior Program Associate and Science and Technology Policy Fellow in the Senate Health Committee for the California Council on Science and Technology. Dr. Muir received a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from UC San Diego, an MS in Pharmacology from Tulane University, and BS in Psychobiology from UCLA.

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