Speaker Profile

CEO & Co-Founder, IsoPlexis

Sean Mackay is an experienced entrepreneur passionate about applying life sciences and information technology to improve healthcare delivery. He co-founded and leads IsoPlexis, a venture-backed startup focused on accelerating the fight against cancer using our predictive patient profiling platform. He has led the company through foundational licensing with Yale and Caltech, venture capital financing, and building out its fantastic team, while developing applications, products, and collaborations. Previously, he also helped incubate Kleiner Perkins-backed Lifesquare, which connected patients, payers, and providers through sharing essential healthcare information. At Lifesquare, he generated business development and strategic initiatives related to partnerships across the healthcare ecosystem. Through work at Lazard and with several early-stage ventures, he developed deep experience in structuring and financing life sciences and medical device and technology companies. Sean also helped multiple public and private biotechnology and medical technology companies to manage times of strategic change.

Single Cell Functional Proteomics To Accelerate Cell Therapy In Preclinical Development, Manufacturing, and Patient Difference Biomarkers

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley

CAR-T cell therapy has evolved from an arcane approach under study in a handful of academic centers to a commercialized immunotherapy that is now being integrated into standard cancer care. The session will highlight some of the recent scientific advances that have begun to define major mechanisms of resistance to CAR-T cell therapy in B cell malignancies and identify the challenges that need to be addressed if these agents are to find broader applications in other hematological cancers and solid tumors.