Speaker Profile

Former CEO of Vision Critical; Investor of Dataspeaks

As a Chief Executive in both public and private companies, Scott has championed data and insight models that foster an exchange of meaningful value between the collectors of data and the people from whom they collect it. As an investor in DataSpeaks, Scott sees the application of SIMA as the next inflection point in that mission.

Health Monitoring Showcase:
DataSpeaks, Inc.

DataSpeaks, an early stage software company, computes precision quantitative time-dependent phenotypes – From Genomes to Health (TM).

Complex Adaptive Systems Metrology For Precision Medicine
Precision health and medicine must monitor causal health effects, not just health, for individuals, not just group-average differences, because no one is average. DataSpeaks’ proprietary Science of Individuality Measurement Algorithm (SIMA) processes monitoring data to compute actionable phenotypes for personalization and learning what genetic differences mean.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley

The PMWC 2020 Health Monitoring Showcase will provide 15 minute speaking opportunities for selected companies working with the latest technologies in remote patient and care monitoring, providing devices that are smart and integrated with high-touch approaches, sensors, data collection and analytical capabilities translating patient vital signs into useful insights and alert triggers. These companies will share their innovative products to an audience of leading investors, potential clients, and partners. The PMWC 2019 Health Monitoring Showcase will exhibit the latest innovations that lead to products, systems, and services that empower patients with chronic conditions to better understand and self-manage their conditions and provide clinicians with easy, efficient monitoring that enhance patients’ lives and enable the delivery of better outcomes at lower cost.