Session Chair Profile

Ph.D., Director of Advanced Applications, NanoString Technologies

I focus on developing and applying NanoString platforms to address key research areas in immuno-oncology. As part of that mission, I work with academics, biopharmas, and clinicians to identify unmet needs in translational research and create novel products for transcriptional and proteomic profiling. I oversee the collaborations network for the company to help investigators utilize NanoString tools in their research with the goal of developing new biomarkers that can be deployed as clinical diagnostics. I am also active in the immuno-oncology research community to promote the science and application of cancer immunotherapy to improve patient outcomes. Prior to joining NanoString, I was a founder and director of research at Oncofactor Corp., a biotech focused on developing therapeutics which targeted novel immune checkpoints. I have a PhD in immunology from the University of Washington and a BS in biochemistry and English from Iowa State University.