Speaker Profile

Ph.D, Pharm.D, CEO & President, Micronoma

Dr. Sandrine Miller-Montgomery is Micronoma CEO, a start-up company focusing on the development and commercialization of cancer diagnostic solution using Liquid Biopsy targeting the microbial markers. Previously, she was executive director of the Center for Microbiome Innovation, which she co-directed with Pr. Rob Knight at UC San Diego. Her team focused on expanding industry and academic collaborations of microbiome research in various domains such as clinical applications (new drug pathway identification, novel diagnostic biomarkers discovery – such as the IP that led to Micronoma), environmental science (e.g identification of natural products from ocean sediment), or consumer world (e.g. nutrition and diet role on our microbiome and metabolome). Before her foray in academia, she had a long career in Biotech and most recently had led MO BIO Laboratories, now a QIAGEN Company, having started as their director of sales and marketing where her team contributed to the consistent business growth resulting in its acquisition.

Cancer Microbiome and Diagnostic Application
This talk will cover recently published paper on leading the major paradigm shift that cancer tissues are not sterile, that their microbiome is specific and that we can use this discovery toward cancer diagnostic applications using blood samples even for solid tumors.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

Track Chair:
Rita Colwell, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Manoj Dadlani, CosmosID

Understanding mechanism of action and translating microbiome science into commercially viable therapeutics remains the biggest challenge in this emerging field. With that said, pharma and biotech across many different therapeutic indications and modalities are united in this global effort to bring novel microbiome-based therapies and diagnostics into the clinical domain. This session will include some of the most impactful and promising areas of the Microbiome field and panel discussions on the challenges for faster adoption.

  • Intro and Overview to Microbiome
    - Rita Colwell, CosmosID
  • Regulatory Perspective
    - Scott Jackson, NIST
  • Metabolomics in Drug Development
    - Rangaprasad Sarangarajan, Metabolon
  • Pharma Drug Development (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Karim Dabbagh, Second Genome
    - Rangaprasad Sarangarajan, Metabolon
  • AI in Microbiome
    - Kaja Milanowska-Zabel, Ardigen
  • Direct-To-Consumer Testing/Technologies (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Nathan D. Price, Thorne HealthTech
    - Kiran Krishnan, Microbiome Labs
    - Nicole Scott, Cybele Microbiome
  • Microbiome and Cancer
    - Sandrine Miller-Montgomery, Micronoma
  • The Role of the Human Gut Microbiome on Various Diseases
    - Colleen Cutcliffe, Pendulum Therapeutics
    - Tor Savidge, Baylor College of Medicine
    - Nikole Kimes, Siolta Therapeutics
    - Sarkis Mazmanian, Caltech
  • The Gut/Brain Microbiome
    - Mary Conrad, Axial Biotherapeutics
    - Christopher Reyes, Bloom Science
  • Showcase
    - Heloise Breton, DNA Genotek
    - Nathan Price, Thorne HealthTech
    - Rita Colwell, CosmosID