Speaker Profile

CEO, Glooko, Inc.

Russ is focused on scaling growth at Glooko, a diabetes digital technology company, in 9000+ clinics and 24 countries. Glooko provides actionable insights to empower people with diabetes and the people who care for them. Part of a data technology platform, Glooko’s mobile app automatically syncs data from diabetes devices including blood glucose meters, insulin pumps, CGMs, smart insulin pens, and fitness trackers – enabling people with diabetes and clinicians to correlate data with diet, exercise, and medication, remotely or in the clinic. Glooko provides clinicians an office data upload solution and population health capabilities, plus integration into EHRs. An experienced healthcare business strategist with deep customer experience, Russ brings a wealth of market knowledge to Glooko. Prior to Glooko, Russ held executive healthcare positions, most recently as Chief Operating Officer at ShareCare, a health and wellness engagement platform providing personalized resources and as Chief Client Officer at OptumHealth.