Speaker Profile

M.D. Founder, PRECiZiUM project and CEO R&D Ribitzky

Founder of the PRECiZiUM project and CEO of R&D Ribitzky, Ron has extensive cross-functional leadership and hands-on experience in Digital Health and Precision Medicine. He worked for and with leading global brands and world-class organizations, start-ups, R&D, and academia in the U.S. and 24 developed and emerging economy countries. Formerly Sr. Healthcare Strategist at Intel, Ron published, presented, and led workshops around the world on technology innovation and practice in industry events, public sector, and academia. He co-founded SPH Analytics and served as VP Advanced Research at Eclipsys (acquired by Allscripts), CIO at UMass Medical Center, and Semantic Integration Lead for SAIC at Kaiser Permanente’s National Clinical Information System, among others. Ron held academic appointments at Harvard, UMass, Emory, Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel), IBM Science Center (Israel), Kigali Institute of Science & Technology and Kigali Health Institute (Rwanda). Prior to pursuing his career in informatics, Ron served as a Search & Rescue Flight Surgeon in the Israeli Air Force (Major, Ret.), Primary Care Physician in private practice, and Sr. Resident in Pediatrics. Ron earned his M.D. Degree from Tel Aviv University and completed executive education programs at Stanford, Harvard, and GA Tech.

Consumer Genomics AI & Data Science: The PRECiZiUM Use-case
Winning the consumers experience of what’s possible with genomics health and wellness is easier said than done. Answers keep changing as Machine Learning learn and Data Science goalposts move amid accelerated expansion of the content space and horizontal technology disruption. Consequently, consumer trust and relevance gaps exacerbated by digital experience could easily jeopardize the roadmap of AI and Data Science enabled products to investor Return-on-Adoption. The scientific and technological challenges are formidable, yet solvable. In this talk we will examine one such use case.