Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Product Director, data42, Novartis

Dr. Ojamies currently serves as Product Director for data42, Novartis - a transformational R&D program to leverage 2 million patient-years of data in one of the largest and most diverse datasets in the pharma industry, with the ultimate moonshot goal to change the way we develop medicines. Dr. Ojamies leads the strategy and development of user-facing products aimed at providing greater access to clinical & RWE data as well as collaborative product solutions for improved patient stratification, safety, and trial optimization thereby reimagining the drug discovery and development process. She brings in extensive experience from the life sciences, technology, and startup world to develop product solutions in drug research and development. Dr. Ojamies obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Hematology and Oncology from the University of Helsinki and went on to work with BenevolentAI and Novartis. She has contributed significantly in the space of product development leveraging big data and AI for drug discovery.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2022 Silicon Valley

  • Hope or Hype? The Role of ML in Drug Discovery and Development (PANEL)
    Session Chair: Ansuman Satpathy, Stanford University
    - Marcel Hop, Genentech
    - Noam Solomon, ImmunAI
    - Stacie Calad-Thomson, BioSymetrics
  • Advancing Research and Drug Discovery with UK Biobank
    Session Chair: Asha Collins, DNAnexus
    - Mark Effingham, UK Biobank
  • AI in Small Molecule Design and Screening
    Session Chair: Alex Zhavoronkov, Insilico Medicine
    - Jim Edwards, Janssen
    - Najat Khan, Johnson & Johnson
    - Martin Emanuel Bittner, Arctoris
  • AI/ML in Clinical Trial Design, Patient Selection and Prediction of Outcomes
    Session Chair: Peter Lipsky, Ampel Bio
    - Mika Newton, xCures, Inc.
    - Mark Smith, MedStar Health
    - William Oh, Sema4
  • Emerging Data-driven Clinical Trials
    Session Chair: Adrian Lee, UPMC
    - Laura Esserman, UCSF
    - Derek Angus, UPMC
  • Generating Novel Insights through AI and Multimodal Analysis
    - Philippe Menu, SOPHiA GENETICS
  • Pfize's Data and Analytics Efforts
    - Susie Stephens, Pfizer
  • Treating Genetics as Data: Computable, Structured Results for Precision Medicine
    - Peter DeVault, Epic
  • PMWC 2022 Showcase
    - Kevin Cho, Envisagenics, Inc.
    - Poojitha Ojamies, Novartis