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PhD, Scientific Vice President, Bristol Myers Squibb

Peter Schafer leads a team responsible for translational medicine for the late clinical pipeline in Immunology, Cardiovascular, and Neurology. In addition to designing and implementing biomarker plans for late stage trials, his team also includes laboratory scientists who conduct experiments to understand patient subsets, biomarkers of response resistance, and mechanisms of action for rational combinations and identification of novel targets. Peter joined Bristol Myers Squibb from Celgene where for 20 years he had led the Drug Discovery Biology group and helped to build the Translational Development group focused on Hematology and Immunology. He is co-inventor of apremilast (Otezla), now approved for psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and Behçets Disease. His teams helped uncover the mechanism of action of the IMiDs compounds lenalidomide (Revlimid) and pomalidomide (Pomalyst), and iberdomide in SLE. In 2018 he co founded the PROLIFIC prognostic lung fibrosis consortium, and since 2020 he has been CoChair of the LRA Lupus Nexus Steering Committee.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2024 Silicon Valley

Track 2 - January 25 9.00 A.M.-4.30 P.M.

Track Chair:
- William Oh, Mount Sinai

Patient-centric data – Real-World Evidence (RWE) and Real-World Data (RWD) - is becoming instrumental in the drug development process and for health care decisions in general. This data is not only informative for the process from discovery to new indications, clinical trial design, and drug development, it also can be of value to monitor post-marketing drug safety and for decision support in clinical practice. As the data becomes a decision driver, science companies and medical organizations are increasingly focused on leveraging RWD and RWE to not only better understand the patient populations using their drugs and the respective outcomes, but also to accelerate clinical decision support. This session will focus on the various aspects of integrating RWE and RWD to support drug development and clinical decision support.


  • PMWC 2024 Award Ceremony
    Pioneer Honoree: Atul Butte, UCSF
  • Opening Talk: Pioneering the Next Decade: The Transformative Potential of Real-World Evidence/Data
    - William Oh, Mount Sinai
  • Strategies to Enhance Data Sharing in Medical Research (PANEL)
    Chair: Amar Das, Guardant Health
    - Paul Boutros, UCLA
    - Ziad Obermeyer, UC Berkeley
    - George Sledge, Caris Life Sciences
    - Erica Galvez, Manifest MedEx
  • Data Privacy and Security in RWE/D (PANEL)
    Chair: Deven McGraw, Invitae
    - Christopher Boone, Oracle
    - John Kalafut, Asher Orion Group
    - Susan Stayn, Stanford
    - Jessica Santos, Oracle
  • Using RWD to Accelerate Precision Medicine Product Development
    - Mark Watson, Guardian Research Network
  • Multi-Modal Datasets & RWE/D: Pioneering Tools for Accelerated Biomedical Research (PANEL)
    Chair: Ilyana Rosenberg, Microsoft
    - Charlene Son Rigby, STXBP1 Foundation
    - John Wilbanks, Broad Institute
    - Tristan Naumann, Microsoft
  • Leveraging RWE/D in Lupus: Using RNA Data and Predictive AI to Enhance Patient Care Decisions (PANEL)
    Chair: Amrie Grammer, Ampel Biosolutions
    - Ajay Nirula, Eli Lilly
    - Pete Schafer, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Accelerating Drug Development Approvals Using RWE/D (PANEL)
    Chair: Mika Newton, xCures
    - Leo Russo, Pfizer
    - Eric Schadt, Pathos AI
    - Ashley Brenton, Optum
    - Nasha Fitter, Invitae
  • CVS Health Real World Evidence – Updates and New Directions in RWE
    Chair: Alexandra Berk, CVS Health
    - Kate Rosenbluth, Cala Health
  • Regulatory Challenges in RWE (PANEL)
    Chair: Susan Winkler, Reagan-Udall Center
    - Mei Sheng Duh, Analysis Group
    - Rachael Fones, IQVIA


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