Speaker Profile

M.D., MBA, CEO, OncoHost

Ofer Sharon has over two decades of experience in clinical and commercial product development for startups in the healthtech, biotech, and medical device industries, and has made great contributions to the acceleration of personalized medicine. Prior to joining OncoHost, he served multiple roles in global pharmaceutical companies, including medical director for AstraZeneca (Israel), new technologies scout for Medimmune, and medical director for MSD (Israel). He has co-founded several healthcare companies, mainly focusing on bioinformatic and machine learning platforms for clinical deterioration detection and early intervention.

Clinical Dx Showcase:

OncoHost has developed PROphet®, a precision oncology platform solution combining bioinformatic and ML tools with analysis of proteomic patterns in plasma to provide response probability for the first year of treatment. It includes analysis of active resistance mechanisms and potential drug combinations to address them.

A Proteomics Platform for Cancer Disease Management
The next-generation precision oncology solution: a real-time, personalized, and dynamic disease navigator.