Session Chair Profile

M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, UPMC

Dr. Mylynda Massart is Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Department of Family Medicine. She graduated with a PhD in Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology from University of Utah, Salt Lake City and as MD from Oregon Health & Sciences University, Portland, OR. She completed Family Medicine Residency at Providence Milwaukie Family Medicine, Milwaukie, OR. Dr. Massart completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Department of Molecular Medicine, Oregon Health & Sciences University, Portland, OR. Currently she serves as the Medical Director at UPMC Matilda Theiss Family Health Center and has a family practice with special interest in primary care genetics. Dr. Massart has a joint appointment at the Clinical and Translational Science Institute as Co-Director of the Integrating Special Populations Core, Co-Investigator on the All of Us Pennsylvania Research Program and Co-Investigator of the Pitt + Me Discovery Biobank with special interest in return of genetic results to patients and providers.

 Session Abstract – PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley

UPMC Primary Care Precision Medicine is a novel delivery model launched in 2019 to meet the growing demands for the integration of genomics into primary care. Our multidisciplinary team includes a Family Medicine physician, clinical pharmacist, genetic counselor and nutritionist. This team is developing clinical pathways for the application and accessibility to precision medicine technologies in everyday health care, including PGx, genetic cancer risk assessment, prenatal carrier screening, and education around direct-to-consumer testing. This model was developed to meet the demands of undirected patient need and to serve as a bridge to overcome the knowledge gap barrier of primary care providers to delivery of genomic services.