Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Head, Companion Diagnostics Center of Excellence, AbbVie

Mirella Lazarov is a biomarker and translational medicine leader with over 18 years of experience, specializing in the areas of oncology, immunology and inflammation, ophthalmology, IBD, respiratory diseases, renal disease, and fibrosis. Mirella is currently at AbbVie, where she established and heads the Companion Diagnostics Center of Excellence, which leads the co-development of Companion Diagnostics across Therapeutic Areas. Previously Mirella has worked at Avalanche BioTech, Gilead, Roche, and Genentech where she undertook roles with increasing responsibility and established new functional capabilities for the companies in the areas of Precision Medicine, Biomarkers and Companion Diagnostics, and Translational Sciences. She has extensive experience in successfully co-developing therapeutics with companion diagnostics such as Tarceva (erlotinib), Zelboraf (vemurafenib) and others.