Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Associate Professor of Surgery, Indiana University School of Medicine

Dr. Milan Radovich is also Vice President for Oncology Genomics at Indiana University Health and co-leads the IU Health Precision Genomics Program, a clinical program dedicated to the integration of cutting-edge genomics for the care of metastatic cancer patients. As an NCI-funded investigator, his research expertise focuses on the use of genomics in translational oncology. In particular, his research concentrates on the use of genomics for precision medicine, clinical trials, genomically-informed drug combinations, circulating biomarkers of cancer detection, companion diagnostics, and novel bioinformatic pipelines for cancer genome analyses. His lab has long standing-expertise in the research of triple-negative breast cancer, thymic malignancies, and cancer precision medicine. As co-director of the IU Health Precision Genomics Program, he helps lead a clinical service line that uses cancer genomics and germline pharmacogenomics to guide therapy for cancer patients. This program has sequenced over 2000 patients to date. With four clinics across the state of Indiana, the program provides access to cutting-edge genomic-based cancer care for patients. Dr. Radovich is passionate about providing the best care to patients through precision medicine.