Speaker Profile

PHD, Chief Business Officer, EpiCypher

Dr. Martis Cowles is a scientist / entrepreneur focused on the democratization and scaling of ultra-sensitive chromatin profiling technologies to unlock the full potential of epigenomics for drug development and clinical research. He first joined EpiCypher to lead their non-dilutive fund-raising efforts, which has been widely successful - securing >$45M in funding to support new technology development. Currently, Dr. Cowles leads EpiCyphers business segment, which oversees fund raising, partnering, licensing, and IP. Martis earned his PhD from the University of California San Diego, studying transcriptional networks that control adult neurogenesis and brain patterning. Prior to joining EpiCypher, Dr. Cowles studied developmental signaling pathways that underlie cortical stem cell function in the developing mouse brain.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Showcase:

EpiCypher continuously pushes technology boundaries to deliver innovative products and services to epigenetics and chromatin biology researchers. From our strong scientific expertise and rigor to our focus on customer success, EpiCypher is proud to be an epigenetics company For Scientists, By Scientists.

Leverage quantitative epigenomics for precision medicine
EpiCypher's CUTANA® CUT&RUN/Tag technology is revolutionizing how epigenetic biomarkers can be identified for accelerated drug development.